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Teen Top
Title : Teen Top Mini Album Vol. 3 - aRtist

  • Gategori:KPOP Music < Male Group
  • Artist:Teen Top
  • Release Date:06/06/2012
  • Format: CD
  • Publisher:Loen Entertainment
  • COUNT:
  • KpopOcean shell :28 (what's shell?)

Price : $14.90 -> Reduced Price : $13.90



Receiving the spotlight as the rising star for 2012 with their triple crown with "Crazy", TEEN TOP is once again back on the scene with their 3rd mini-album [aRtisT].
TEEN TOP's 3rd mini-album [aRtisT] consists of songs that bring out their rich emotions and matured musical style.
The title song "To You" starts out with a stylish and refined melody and humming. The dreamy sounds and lyrics which express the earnest feelings of a guy unable to get over his lover combine to create an emotional dance song with attractive lyrics that anybody could follow along once they hear it.
The song "Baby U" expressing a guy's shy confession and courage adds to the stylish feeling with the charming vocals and deep appealing voices of the rappers. "Shake it!" has trendy beats in the style of lively and powerful club dance music and a stylish melody.
The album also featuring the Slow B version of "To You" in the style of a ballad with piano melodies and emotional vocal color -- brings out the musical maturity of TEEN TOP.

Track list
01. aRtisT
02. To You
03. Baby U
04. 흔들어놔! (Shake it ! )
05. To you (Slow B. ver )
06. To You (Inst.)


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    Teen Top - To You [Sub Español + Hangul + Romanización]

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    Teen Top - To You [English subs + Romanization of Korean]