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Title : BIGBANG 2011 Live Concert : Big Show (CD + 28p Booket)

  • Gategori:KPOP Music < Male Group
  • Artist:BIGBANG
  • Release Date:06/15/2011
  • Format: CD
  • Publisher:YG Entertainment
  • COUNT:
  • KpopOcean shell :31 (what's shell?)

Price : $15.40



Big Bang returned to K-pop as a group earlier this year with the release of their fourth mini-album. Along with the album's release, the popular group also staged their annual Big Show at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium on February 25-27. The 2011 Big Show concert album comes with 16 live tracks from the show, including their new songs Tonight and What is Right and favorites like Lies, Last Farewell, and Haru Haru. Tae Yang, Dae Sung, and Seung Ri all performed their recent solo numbers, and GD & TOP kept the energy level high with their club hit High High.

Track list
01. Hands Up
02. 흔들어
03. V.V.I.P - 승리 Solo
04. Where U At + I'll Be There - 태양 Solo
05. Baby Don't Cry - 대성 Solo
06. Oh Yeah
07. High High - GD&TOP
08. 눈물뿐인 바보
09. Tonight
10. Somebody To Love
11. Cafe
12. What Is Right
13. 하루하루 (Acoustic Ver.)
14. 거짓말
15. 마지막 인사
16. 천국