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Title : Sky Castle OST (JTBC TV Drama)

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  • Release Date:02/12/2019
  • Format: CD
  • Publisher:Warner Music Korea
  • COUNT:
  • KpopOcean shell :36 (what's shell?)

Price : $18.90 -> Reduced Price : $17.90



Produced by screenwriter Yoo Hyun Mi (Bridal Mask) and director Jo Hyun Tak (Big Thing), JTBC's trending series Sky Castle rewrote cable drama history with its ever-climbing viewership ratings! Starting with a mere 1.7% rating, the series about the lives and academic competition of the rich grew steadily to hit ratings of 23%, beating the cable record previously owned by tvN's 2016 hit Guardian: The Lonely and Great God.
Besides the signature theme song We All Lie by Ha Jin, the original soundtrack of SKY Castle also features "Princess Maker" by Cheon Dan Bi, "The Time Is On My Side" by Romantic Punch, "It Has To Be You" by ABOUT, "Comma" by Wax, I DO by MIIII, "Feel Good" by Yook Joong Wan and 12 instrumentals.

01. 프린세스메이커(Princess Maker) – Cheon Dan Bi 
02. 시간은 언제나 나의 편(The Time Is On My Side) – Romantic Punch 
03. 너여야만 해(It Has To Be You) – ABOUT 
04. We all lie – 하진 
05. 쉼표(Comma) – Wax 
06. I DO – 미(MIIII) 
07. 나만 잘 살면 되지(Feel Good) – Yook Joong Wan 
08. We all lie(slow ver.) – 하진 
09. Butterfly – 최정인 
10. Le jardin feerique from Ma Mere – M.Ravel 
11. Mask & Revelation – 한성호 
12. Bolero - M.Ravel 
13. Whisper of Evil(feat.Erlkonig) - 최정인,임미현,박정은 
14. Kim Ju Young – 박정은 
15. Tell you the Truth – 박정은 
16. Agalmoery – 박정은,임미현 
17. The Top of one`s desire – 임미현 
18. What I Want – 임미현 
19. Endless Night – 김태성,최정인 
20. We all lie (Orchestra ver.) – 김태성,최정인