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Title : WANNA ONE Vol. 1 - 1¹¹=1 (POWER OF DESTINY) (Random Version)

  • Gategori:KPOP Music <
  • Artist:WANNA ONE
  • Release Date:11/20/2018
  • Format: CD
  • Publisher:Stone Music Entertainment (CJ E&M)
  • COUNT:
  • KpopOcean shell :38 (what's shell?)

Price : $19.90 -> Reduced Price : $18.90



Wanna One shows the Power of Destiny in their final group album 1¹¹=1! Counting from their date of debut, the Produce 101 Season 2 winners have already spent more than a year together promoting under the name Wanna One. In the past few months, they traveled to over 14 cities to greet fans through their 1st world tour ONE: The World. Following 1X1=1, 1-1=0, 0+1=1 and 1÷x=1, the group bids farewell to Wannables with the full-length album 1¹¹=1 (The Power of Destiny). 1 raised to the 11th power equals 1, meaning that Wanna One members believe they are destined to meet one another again soon. Wanna One's contract ends on the last day of 2018 and this release is set to wrap up their group album promotions.
This edition comes with a random sleeve cover, a 120-page photobook, a random stamp sticker, a random film photo card and a Golden Ticket.
This album is released in two versions (Advanture and Romance ver.) with different covers and booklet images. Customers who purchase this product will have one of the versions selected for them at random.

Track list
01. Destiny (Intro.) 
02. 봄바람 (Speing Breeze)
03. 집 
04. 불꽃놀이 (Flowerbomb) 
05. 묻고싶다 (One Love) 
06. Deeper 
07. 술래 
08. Awake! 
09. 12번째 별 *CD ONLY 
10. 소나무 
11. Beautiful (Part II) 


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    WANNA ONE - 봄바람 (Spring Breeze)