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Title : Emergency Couple OST (tvN TV Drama)

  • Gategori:KPOP Music < O.S.T
  • Release Date:04/11/2014
  • Format: CD
  • Publisher:CJ E&M
  • COUNT:
  • KpopOcean shell :25 (what's shell?)

Price : $13.90 -> Reduced Price : $12.40



Running Man favorite Song Ji Hyo and popular actor Choi Jin Hyuk (Gu Family Book) play a divorced couple who find themselves working at the same hospital in the tvN romantic medical comedy Emergency Couple. Defying family approval in the name of love, Oh Jin Hee and Oh Chang Min put everything on the line to get married, but their marriage soon fell bitterly apart. Six years later, Chang Min and Jin Hee have finished medical school and finally gotten their separate lives back on track. On their first day as emergency room interns, they're shocked to discover they're on the same team. How will these bickering ex-lovers make it through their internship?
The Emergency Couple OST includes 3rd Coast's Love Again, Lim Jeong Hee's "Scent of a Flower," Park Si Hwan's "The Way We Loved" and Joo Ah's I Am. Leading man Choi Jin Hyuk also sings "Scent of a Flower" for the soundtrack.

Track list
01. 응급남녀(Emergency Couple)
02. 설렘
03. Love Again – 3rd Coast
04. 모두다 이별을 경험한다
05. 꽃향기(Scent of a Flower) – Lim Jeong Hee
06. 병원인턴백서
07. 진희 비트
09. 그때 우리 사랑은(The Way We Loved) – Park Si Hwan
09. 어루만지다
10. I am – Joo Ah
11. 꽃향기(Scent of a Flower) – Choi Jin Hyuk
12. 우리가 우리였을 때
13. Love Again (Inst)
14. 꽃향기 (Inst) – Lim Jeong Hee ver
15. 그때 우리 사랑은 (Inst)
16. 꽃향기 (Inst) – Choi Jin Hyuk ver
17. I am (Inst)