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Title : Master's Sun O.S.T (2CD) - SBS Drama

  • Gategori:KPOP Music < O.S.T
  • Release Date:10/10/2013
  • Format: 2CD
  • Publisher:Loen Entertainment
  • COUNT:
  • KpopOcean shell :32 (what's shell?)

Price : $19.80 -> Reduced Price : $15.90



From popular screenwriting duo the Hong Sisters comes the supernatural romantic comedy Master's Sun starring Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub. Gong Hyo Jin plays Gong Shil, a harried woman who hasn't been able to rest properly since she acquired the skill of seeing ghosts after a serious accident. Everywhere she goes, she runs into ghosts. There's no escape until the day she meets Joong Won, a cold and cynical mall CEO who never got over the trauma of being kidnapped as a teenager. When Gong Shil touches Joong Won, the ghosts disappear. The two agree to a mutually beneficial relationship in which he makes the ghosts go away for her, and she solves the haunting problems that affect him and his business, including his ex-girlfriend's ghost. 
The soundtrack for Master's Sun is produced by music director Oh Joon Sung, who also did the soundtracks for dramas like Boys Over Flowers and Prosecutor Princess. The two-disc OST includes Yoon Mi Rae's touching ballad theme "Touch of Love" and "No Matter What" from Seo In Guk who co-stars in the drama. Also on the tracklist are Hyo Rin's "Crazy of You," Gummy's "Day and Night," Hong Dae Kwang's "You and I," Melody Day's "All About" and Jung Dong Ha's "Mystery".

Track list
CD 1 
01. Touch Love – t Yoon Mi Rae (TITLE) 
02. 미치게 만들어 (Crazy of You) – Hyo Rin(SISTAR) 
03. 겁도 없이 (No Matter What) – Seo In Guk 
04. 낮과 밤 (Day and Night) - Gummy 
05. 너와 나 (You and I) – Hong Dae Kwang 
06. All about – Melody Day 
07. Last one (feat.주석) – 유미 
08. Mystery – Jung Dong Ha 
09. Touch Love (inst) 
10. 미치게 만들어 (inst) 
11. 겁도 없이 (inst) 
12. 낮과 밤 (inst) 
13. 너와 나 (inst) 
14. All about (inst) 
15. Last one (inst) 
16. Mystery (inst) 
CD 2 
01. Joogoon`s Sun 오준성 
02. Who Are U (Ending Rock Guitar Ver.) (Feat. Guitar 이병호) 오준성 
03. Out Of The Ghost 오준성 
04. Ghost Eyes 오준성 
05. This is me 오준성 
06. Enjoy Party 오준성 
07. In Memories 오준성 
08. Tears In Rain 오준성 
09. Candy Love (Touch Love Guitar Ver.) 오준성 
10. Love Connection 오준성 
11. Ghost Tango 오준성 
12. Empty Garden 오준성 
13. 출입금지(Keep Out) 오준성 
14. Dangerous Zone (Opening Title) 오준성 
15. Painful Memory 오준성 
16. Ghost Presents 오준성 
17. Love Is Like A Picture 오준성 
18. Feather Kiss 오준성 
19. White Flower 오준성 
20. Ghost World 오준성 
21. Foolish Spy 오준성 
22. Dirty Hands 오준성 
23. Sad Wave 오준성 
24. Water In The Sky 오준성 
25. Like A Mosquito 오준성 
26. Making Shadow 오준성 
27. High Jump 오준성 
28. Lake Wave 오준성