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Title : [O.S.T] Lee Soon Shin is the best (KBS TV Drama)

  • Gategori:KPOP Music < O.S.T
  • Release Date:08/29/2013
  • Format: CD
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  • KpopOcean shell :26 (what's shell?)

Price : $14.90 -> Reduced Price : $12.90



 KBS drama Lee Soon Shin is the Best is a story of growth, family and dreams. After the death of her father, Lee Soon Shin (IU) and her stepmother (Ko Doo Sim) are forced to confront the harsh realities of life. Finding out that her biological mother is the famous actress Song Mi Ryung (Lee Mi Sook), Soon Shin feels lost about her identity and soon develops inner conflicts over her relationship with her two mothers. On the other hand, while pursuing the dream of becoming a star, Soon Shin meets Shin Joon Ho (Jo Jung Suk), the head of an entertainment company, and falls in love with him.
Experience the tears and joys of Lee Soon Shin is the Best through the drama's OST songs. The soundtrack includes hit songs "I Don’t Know" by the pop girl group Tahiti, "I Only See One Person" by Chang Min from 2AM feat. Da Hee from Glam, "Counting Stars At Night" by Sunny Hill and leading man Jo Jung Suk's "I Love You So Much."

Track list
01. 몰라몰라 (I Don’t Know) - Tahiti
02. 한 사람만 보여요 (I Only See One Person) - Changmin(2AM), DaHee(GLAM)
03. 완전 사랑해요 (I Love You So Much) - ChoJungSeok
04. 별 헤는 밤 (Counting Stars At Night) - SunnyHill
05. 어느날
06. 사랑하는
07. 그대를 만나서
08. 너무 행복한 날에
09. 눈물이 날듯한
10. 좋은날